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  • Computer with 2 USB Ports, Core 2 Duo processor or faster
  • NVidia graphics chip
  • Internet connection


  • Bootable 8 GB USB Key "DataTRaveler 102" as shown in Figure 1
  • Logitech USB joystick as shown in Figure 2
  • Robot operation manual is available on the Linux Desktop in the "Documentation" folder.
Figure 1 - The Linux system is installed on the USB Key
Figure 2 - The joystick used for operating the OmniVision interface

Note : This procedure is not compatible with Apple Macs or Macbooks.


Figure 3 - Connecting to the Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Figure 4 - The OmniVision Graphical User Interface
  1. Connect the USB Key "DataTraveler 102" and the Logitech joystick to the USB ports.
  2. Make sure your BIOS (System Startup program) can boot from the USB key.
    1. Most of the time you can select the startup disks in the BIOS configuration utility or directly by pressing the F1-F12 key when starting the computer.
    2. The F1-F12 key is variable and depends on the BIOS and computer model
  3. Start the system from the USB key provided by IntRoLab.
    1. Wait 1-2 minutes until you are in the Linux Ubuntu Desktop
  4. Make sure you have access to the Internet. You can try browsing the web with Firefox to test.
  5. Connect to the IntRoLab's VPN
    1. This is available from the top menu as shown in Figure 3. Left click on the "two up/down arrows" icon and select VPN Connections.
      1. Click on VPN Connections->IntRoLab
      2. The login/password are already configured.
  6. Make sure the TeleRobot is ready in IntRoLab's lab (Give us a call!)
  7. Double Click on the "TeleRobot-Omnivision" Program Icon on the Desktop
    1. You should have 2 "Terminal" windows and one "OmniVision" window opened as shown in Figure 4.
    2. Wait until you see the remote camera's image
    3. If you see a lot of warning messages in one of the terminal window, your joystick is not connected or not configured.
    4. If the joystick is connected and you still have error messages, you will need to configure the joystick port manually, see the TroubleShooting section.
      1. Close the OmniVision window and start again.
  8. Control the point of view with the joystick buttons and the view mode with the Option Menu
  9. Control the robot with the analog sticks


Figure 5 - Shutting down the computer
  1. Close the window with the camera image
  2. Give us a call, we will shutdown the robot
  3. Shutdown the Linux Desktop (upper right corner menu) as shown in Figure 5.
  4. Remove the USB Key & Joystick


  • Contact Dominic Létourneau (819) 821-8000 x62312 for help.
  • Sometimes the joystick is not configured on the right port. Open a terminal and type :
    • rosparam set joy_node/dev "/dev/input/js1"