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Robot sphérique / Spherical Robot  
Robot sphérique / Spherical Robot  
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Robot sphérique / Spherical Robot

Roball.jpg Roball2.jpg

Considering making a robot that can move in a home environment, filled with all kinds of obstacles, requires particular locomotion capabilities. A mobile robotic toy for toddlers would have to move around other toys and objects, and be able to sustain rough interplay situations. Encapsulating the robot inside a sphere and using this sphere to make the robot move around in the environment is one solution. The robot, being spherical, can navigate smoothly through obstacles, and create simple and appealing interactions with toddlers. The encapsulating shell of the robot helps protect its fragile electronics. Roball's second prototype was specifically developed to be a toy and used to study interactions between a robot and toddlers using quantitative and qualitative evaluation techniques. Observations confirm that Roball's physical structure and locomotion dynamics generate interest and various interplay situations influenced by environmental settings and the child's personality. Roball is currently being used to see how child interaction can be perceived directly from onboard navigation sensors.

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  • François Michaud
  • Patrice Masson
  • Jean-François Laplante
  • Serge Caron
  • Dominic Létourneau
  • Tamie Salter



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