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Egocentric and Exocentric Teleoperation Interface with 3D Video Projection



Following the original Telerobot project, we began development on a novel 3D interface for teleoperated navigation tasks. This interface combines, in real time:

  • An extrusion of SLAM-built 2D map of the environment
  • A laser-based surface projection of a 2D video feed
  • A 3D projection of a colored point cloud built from a stereoscopic camera
  • A CAD-based 3D model of the robot

With this interface, the user can seamlessly transition from egocentric to exocentric viewpoints by moving the virtual camera around the controlled robot. As in modern 3D third-person videogames, the user is able to set its viewpoint to best suit the task at hand, like a top-down view to navigate tight spaces or a straight-ahead view to communicate with people.

Future work

A new, ROS-compatible and open source implementation that will take advantage of modern sensors like the Kinect is currently being worked on.

Follow the project repository [1] for details.


A few test sequences done in and around the laboratory :

Related Publications

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